Stunning modern Mexican food, delicious custom coffee drinks and irresistible biscuits, made-fresh daily bread and Italian cuisine, award-winning Latin American fare with a Southern flair—if there’s one thing that’s been missing from Pepper Place, it’s doughnuts. Now, we have them.

Birmingham-based We Have Doughnuts will be popping up at Pepper Place beginning January 9th. This wholly original shop offers their signature Brown Butter Old Fashioned doughnut topped with a rich caramel & butterscotch ​inspired glaze, their Buttermilk cake doughnut that’s the pinnacle of simple perfection, and the Gingerbread doughnut topped with a glaze of dark molasses, ginger, clove & cinnamon. But that’s just a taste of what We Have Doughnuts has to offer.

​The shop will be in the Pepper Place pop-up space across from Cantley & Co. Stop by We Have Doughnuts and you can have doughnuts, too.