Feature: Blind Dog Biscuit

If you frequent the Market at Pepper Place on Saturday mornings, then you no doubt have seen Quinton and Natalie Craig set up with their business “Blind Dog Biscuit”. Quinton is also a familiar face around Pepper Place during the week, as the Head Maintenance Engineer for Pepper Place. Quinton and Natalie have just opened their own brick and mortar shop here in Birmingham and we could not be more happy for them! We chatted with them and learned more about Blind Dog, their store, and some funny stories about their canine customers.

When did you all start Blind Dog Biscuit?

Blind Dog Biscuit (All Natural Organic Dog Treats) started in 2007 by Mrs. L Baker. She was inspired to start the company from her loving blind dog Tinker.Mrs. Baker hid her handmade/homemade treats around the house so Tinker can learn his way around. So therefore she turned it into a business. In 2020 Mrs. Baker told us about the business and that she wanted to sell it. Our passion for dogs had us interested, so we purchased it from her. The business was only dog treats and now we’ve expanded it with our products.

What is your favorite thing about having a brick and mortar store now?

Our favorite thing about having a brick and mortar is that we can offer different and more services for dogs and cats that we can’t offer at the farmers market. Like grooming, self service wash, dog ice cream, (non alcoholic) dog beer, accessories for dog & cat parents. We also have other local vendors with their handmade items inside store.

What are some of your favorite products that you all sell right now?

Gumbo Mix, Nappy Bites (Peanut Butter), Collar Bandanna’s are our top sellers.

Do you have a funny or favorite story about one of your customers? Your canine customers?

We have several funny stories! One lady stated she gave her dog a treat and he liked them so much he jumped on top of the counter to get more.
Another said her dog started listening to her and following her commands. A few said their dogs are picky and wouldn’t like them, so we gave them a sample to bring home and they showed back up the following week to purchase some (now they’re the only treat’s their dog eats). Some ask what’s the special ingredient we have inside.

Go check out Blind Dog Biscuit’s shop at 2717 7th Ave S. in Lakeview!