People of Pepper Place

Each month we will be featuring one to two Pepper Place tenants! We will be sharing their stories to give you a look behind the curtain at their businesses, their upcoming projects, their goals, and more! For this month we interviewed Alexandra and Deborah Stone of Stone Hollow Farmstead.

Pepper Place: How did Stone Hollow get started?

Stone Hollow: Our family history is deeply rooted in gardening and farming, with grandparents and great-grandparents sowing the seeds that blossomed into our love for the land and all that it offers!As a mother-daughter team, we have worked together to nurture and grow this lifestyle brand over the past two decades. Today, Stone Hollow Farmstead is renowned for its award-winning culinary goods and botanical skincare products, as well as our beloved dahlias, cut flowers, and more!

Pepper Place: What is your favorite thing about owning and operating Stone Hollow Farmstead?

Stone Hollow: We love witnessing the deep sense of community that has flourished around it. Stone Hollow Farmstead, as well as our retail store, FarmStand, has become a gathering place, where people come together to celebrate the beauty ofnature, appreciate the art of craftsmanship, and savor the flavors of the land. We also love working alongside one another! It’s been a true gift to work together as a mother and daughter!

Pepper Place: What do you hope to see happen in the future of Stone Hollow Farmstead?

Stone Hollow: Our hope is to further promote education about sustainable farming practices, host workshops and events for flower lovers, and introduce new products that reflect our commitment to quality and the environment. Ultimately, our goal is to inspire and empower others to embrace a more sustainable and mindful way of living.