A commitment to building our local economy, supporting our local businesses, and building community.

Since our beginnings in 1988, Pepper Place has been committed providing a place for local business to flourish and grow. Our spaces have helped launch countless businesses and supported people with a passion for what they do.

Our chef-led restaurants, locally-owned businesses, design resources, services, and Saturday Market vendors deliver exceptional offerings with a shared commitment of craft.

What was once a Dr Pepper Bottling Plant is now one of Birmingham’s most vibrant downtown destinations.

When we began this project in 1988, suburbs and strip malls and four-lane highways were spreading across what had been pristine Alabama wilderness and showing no sign of slowing down. How could we preserve that land for the future?

Get people back into cities.

We started with a few blocks of abandoned warehouses and turned them into over 350,000 square feet of retail, office and workshop space, and a renowned Farmer’s market. And we’re just getting started.


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