This Spring, experience the vast culinary scene at Pepper Place, without worries of what the seemingly unpredictable Alabama weather has in store.

The heated patio at Blueprint on 3rd provides flexibility regardless of the temperature or conditions that are out of our control. The outdoor patio features an upper and lower level, with a covered area and adjustable tent enclosure. Because of this new, custom addition, the Blueprint on 3rd is able to seat guests outdoors and keep them dry even on a rainy night. Spring days in Birmingham can be absolutely beautiful, but also tend to get a bit chilly once the sun goes down. When dining at the Blueprint heated patio, guests won’t have to worry about being cold or uncomfortable. The two fire pits and eight heaters can be moved around, making for a warm, comfortable dining experience. In addition, the open air patio space creates the perfect environment to social distance and have a safe dining experience outdoors. The patio can accommodate anywhere from 16 to 50 people and the tent enclosure can be rolled up when the weather is nice out. The patio can even be used for common area dining during the day if you want to grab a drink at local neighbor, like Hop City or Red Cat, or enjoy a nice outdoor lunch. Essentially, the patio was made to accommodate guests regardless of the circumstances and can be adjusted exactly as needed to best serve visitors. Head over to Pepper Place this Spring and be sure to check out this beautiful outdoor space when you’re in the area.