As we all know, the recent global pandemic has required many businesses to find creative ways to pivot. This is ultimately how the Curbside Market at Pepper Place was born. The Curbside Market is our innovative way to continue providing fresh, local products and produce to the Birmingham community. It’s the same Market at Pepper Place that we all know and love, with even more added convenience and safety measures instilled.

The Curbside Market is a permanent online shopping experience provided by The Market at Pepper Place to give Alabama farmers and small business owners another platform to offer their seasonal goods to the community.

Curbside will be open mid-January through mid-December each year.

What you need to know:

  • Alabama farmers and small business owners upload their seasonal items online each week.
  • Simply find what you need, add to your cart, and prepay for your items online Monday – Friday. Ordering opens every Monday at 9am and closes on Friday at 9am.
  • The farmers + small biz owners deliver your prepaid order on Saturday morning to the Curbside staff.
  • Shoppers will drive to Pepper Place to pick up their order during market hours (7am – 12pm, rain or shine).
  • The curbside staff will place orders in the back of the customers vehicles for a quick and easy pick up.

Keep in mind that when you shop Curbside, you’re buying directly from the farmer and small business owner.

A few perks to buying Curbside:

  1. Less people are handling your items compared to the grocery store.
  2. The farmer/vendor prepares the items you purchase before dropping off at Pepper Place.
  3. In a hurry? Select a pick up time for your order to ensure an even quicker pick up experience.
  4. Need to minimize your contact with others right now? Curbside is 100% contactless for your safety.
  5. Need to purchase items in bulk? Want to claim that basket of strawberries before they sell out? You can reserve your favorites by shopping Curbside – worry free. Your items will be waiting on you!

**There is a 10% mark up on all products so the farmer and small business owner receive full payment for their goods.

The extra percentage goes directly the market’s 501c3 nonprofit to help the market continue thriving for years to come.