People of Pepper Place

Each month we will be featuring one to two Pepper Place tenants! We will be sharing their stories to give you a look behind the curtain at their businesses, their upcoming projects, their goals, and more! For this month we interviewed Beth Doyle of The Collective, and Soapy Jones of Left Hand Soap.

Beth Doyle is the owner and founder of The Collective salon, located here at Pepper Place next door to Left Hand Soap.

Pepper Place: “How did the Collective get started?”

Beth: “I started The Collective because I was at a point in my career when owning my own salon was the next logical step. I really envisioned a place where I could help grow new stylists. We’re dedicated to education for both new stylists and our more established team members. We’ve been open almost 9 years.”

Pepper Place: “What is your favorite thing about owning The Collective?”

Beth: “My favorite thing about owning The Collective is seeing a new stylist have their first fully booked day.”

Pepper Place: “What do you hope to see happen in the future of The Collective?”

Beth: “I would like to see some of our education team teach advanced classes to the hair dressing community at large.”

Soapy Jones is the founder and owner of Left Hand Soap, located at Pepper Place next door to The Collective + Little Professor.

Pepper Place: “How did Left Hand Soap get started?”

Soapy: “I learned to make soap as a child. My grandmother taught me when I visited her. Fast Forward 20 years and I made soap for everyone for Christmas after I graduated from the University of Alabama. They started asking for more. I said, ‘I’ll make whatever you buy.” Here we are 25 years later.”

Pepper Place: “What is your favorite thing about owning Left Hand Soap?”

Soapy: “I love connecting with people and solving a problem. Skin issues affect so many things – the relief is so joyous.”

Pepper Place: “What do you hope to see happen in the future Left Hand Soap?”
Soapy: “We’ve been working on a laundry and house cleaning line for longer than I care to admit, but we’ve got to get it just right. We’re almost there. More products for our furry friends and the rest is top secret.”