In March of last year, the Washington Post did a story on all the wonderful things you can do during a weekend in Birmingham, and our very own OvenBird restaurant was featured in the mix.

Their brief visit must have made quite an impact on the Post editors because nearly a year later James Beard Award-winning Chef Chris Hastings’ restaurant is still on their list of recommendations. A reader of the Pittsburg Tirbune’s TribLive wrote in to ask for Southern road trip recommendations:

Q: I am taking a road trip from Atlanta to Memphis, Tenn., and back by way of the Delta and Birmingham over winter break. Any favorite spots in the deep south for these Yankees to visit?

Reporter Andrea Sachs’ response hit some very high notes of the Birmingham scene, and we’re proud to be in such esteemed company:

A:¬†For Birmingham, here are some of my favorite places: Red Mountain Park, Negro Southern League Museum, Vulcan Park and Museum, Sloss Furnaces, Ovenbird and Pepper Place. I would also recommend incorporating some of the sites along Georgia’s Civil Rights Trail.

Next time you’re at Pepper Place, stop by and try out OvenBird for yourself!