As spring makes its transition to summer, Pepper Place is opening up and coming alive again. After one of the strangest springs on record, our shops and restaurants are all open in some capacity.

Red Cat and Jeni’s are open serving their original flavors from inside (in a limited capacity) and outside. The Lumbar has been particularly important to the reopening of Pepper Place in that their street side bar has been a stalwart through the whole shut down adding tables and umbrellas for drinking and dining along 29th Street South.

Pepper Place is a place for Birmingham to come together and gather for the finest design, freshest food and unique outdoor events. One component very important to this is our outdoor spaces. The “place” has been intentionally designed to have outdoor rooms tucked throughout the district. Some are tied to a particular restaurant or business, but all are open to the public for enjoying, and in these strange times they are giving visitors the perfect spots to enjoy while remaining socially-distant.