Nova PT Dry Needling + New Year Deals

Nova PT is a physical therapy and wellness clinic located right in the Pepper Place studios! Their holistic approach to your health is perfect if you are looking to reset and recharge after the holiday craziness!

For the New Year Nova PT is offering a special deal on their Dry Needling service. Curious what functional dry needling  (FDN) is and how it could help you? FDN is a therapeutic intervention that is performed to treat muscular pain and issues impairing movement. It involves inserting a monofilament needle into the muscle(s) in order to release shortened bands of tissue and decrease trigger point activity. The PT’s at Nova will help to identify your “trigger points” (TP) or other generally painful and/or dysfunctional areas in your muscles that may be contributing to your symptoms. The needle is then advanced into the TP to elicit a local twitch response which can help release muscle tension, decrease pain, increase flexibility of the tissue. Electrical stimulation may also be applied to help facilitate the desired muscle activity or to provide further relief from symptoms.

Sound interesting to you? Here’s the deal!

Buy 5 25min Functional Dry Needling Session for $250 ($50 each) and get the 6th
session for free!

*If you are a new client and nervous if you will like the service, you can purchase one session at the regular $50 to try it out. If you like the service, you can purchase 4 more sessions for $200 and get one more free. This service can also be given as a gift with the purchase of a gift card for dry needling.

This deal must be purchased by 1/31/23. 

Curious about Dry Needling and the other services Nova PT offers? Check them out here!