If you’ve ever been to the Pepper Place Farmer’s Market on a Saturday morning, you might have noticed your fellow market-goers noshing delightfully decorated doughnuts that appeared to be some six-inches thick. Those beautifully fried, perfectly holed pastries are the creation of Birmingham chef Will Drake and business partner Jason Wallis of Hero Doughnuts.

In addition to being a regular Saturday staple at the Pepper Place Market, Hero got its start with a popup at Seasick Records in 2016 and has since offered its brioche-style dough doughnuts at Revelator Coffee and Big Bad Breakfast as well. Now, Drake and Wallis have opened the doors on their new, permanent Homewood location.

As Wallis tells AL.com, “Because of Homewood Musical Instrument Co. and Nabeel’s Cafe & Market, this corner of Homewood has been well-loved for several decades, so we consider it an honor to bring our doughnuts to this corner.”

Be sure to stop by and say hello, every day from 7Am to 7PM. Follow your nose, or head to 3027 Central Ave, Homewood, AL 35209.