Same traditions, new location.

At the end of January, after months of anticipation, Hot & Hot Fish Club officially opened the doors to their new Pepper Place location. This new space celebrates the same Hot & Hot traditions we know and love, but the Hastings also revealed some exciting additions with this location. For example, one can find the tiles that used to grace the floor at the old location carefully embedded in Hot & Hot 2.0’s design.

One of the new additions is a new, expanded menu with starters nicknamed “The Opening Act”, followed by “The Big Show” for the main courses. Chef Hastings also developed the new R&D Kitchen Small Plates offerings for guests who want to sample the new dishes, which the James Beard award-winning chef calls the “Opening 2.0” menu.

Their new, larger space allows for Hot & Hot’s seating to expand from 80 to 120 seats, including a spacious new patio and a private dining area. Additional features include exposed brick, a chef’s counter, Italian marble tabletops and more.

It’s not easy to move a culinary establishment that has called a building home for 24 years. However, the Hastings used this as an opportunity innovate and define Hot & Hot Fish Club’s legacy. Both the design and atmosphere of this new Pepper Place location is absolutely breathtaking, and well, you’ll just have to come see it for yourself.


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