In March, FarmStand by Stone Hollow became a permanent fixture at Pepper Place. From the farm-to-table produce, eggs and milk to goat cheeses and preserves, their shop is perfect for helping us welcome spring to our corner of Birmingham. But there’s one spring offering to be found at FarmStand that has us extra excited.

In addition to the acres of crops grown and livestock raised just down the road in Harpersville, the team at Stone Hollow Farmstead also tends to an ever-blossoming array of seasonal flowers. These blooms provide ample pollen for honey and contribute to a healthy ecosystem for all-important pollinators like bees and butterflies, and also make for charming centerpieces.

From tidy bouquets of jonquils to subtly beautiful Lenten rose and fresh tulips, Stone Hollow provides an abundant harvest of the season’s freshest colors – all available for purchase here at Pepper Place.

For more information on FarmStand by Stone Hollow Farmstead, visit their website and follow them on Instagram.