With the arrival of autumn comes the unfortunate aftermath of post-summer hair damage. What most people don’t realize is that summer can be one of the worst times of the year for your hair. Damage can occur from many different factors, including sun exposure, wind, chlorine, salt water, humidity, and even air conditioning. Lucky for you, we spoke to our hair experts at The Collective about the best methods for rejuvenating your hair this fall. For those specifically looking to quench dry hair, The Collective says that theAtlantic Moisturizing Concentrate is made for you. This 5-minute treatment is part of a new line of R+CO hair treatments and can be worked into any cut or color, lasts for 4 weeks, and is only an additional $20.

To prove that this treatment actually works wonders, The Collective put it to the test on one of their stylists. Alison, like many of us, went super blonde in the summer. As a result of days spent at the lake and in the summer heat, her hair was severely lacking moisture and took on a brassy tone. Thanks to brown algae extract – a special ingredient in the Atlantic Concentrate – Alison was able to get four times the moisture in one application.

As you can clearly see in the photos below, the aftermath was completely transformational. Alison’s hair went from being dull and brittle to moisturized and lively in just minutes. Even if you aren’t feeling the damage from the summer season, this treatment is great for those that regularly use heat to style their hair.

The Collective also recommended these products for your best hair days this fall:

In addition to R+CO’s conditioning treatment, we asked The Collective about popular trends in hair this season. A few that you’ll be seeing a lot of include: bronze and copper coloring, lobs, modern shag cuts, “lived-in” highlights, curls and the addition of hair accessories such as barrettes. Whatever the fall season throws your way, just know that the incredible team at The Collective always has your hair needs covered.