Fall Decor Tips From Richard Tubb

Before we know it Fall will be here! Some have already started the decorating process for the Fall season, but for those who have not yet, Richard Tubb from Richard Tubb Interiors has some helpful tips to start your Fall decorating.

Tip 1: We start nesting and spending more time in the house during Fall and Winter months. This is a good time to arrange furniture in a new way!

Tip 2:¬†When preparing for cooler weather, rotate scented candles from floral to cedar, smoke, suede, eucalyptus, etc. These scents will give your home the perfect smell and ambiance that fits Fall weather. The Delirium “Firewood and Whiskey” candle in the Richard Tubb shop at Pepper Place is a perfect scent to transition your home to Fall.

Tip 3: Even if it’s still warm outside, while we patiently wait for the leaves to fall, bring out your heavier throws. Placing a wool plaid throw on the arm of your chair fits the Fall mood, and is perfect to have out for when those cooler nights hit.

Tip 4: Dried flowers are great for Fall decor. Dry out hydrangeas and make a large arrangement. Feel free to add other dried flowers if you like.

The official start of Fall is September 22nd, are you excited? We know we are!