Exciting things are happening this summer around the Pepper Place Creative District.

We are thrilled to share that construction for Pepper Place’s newest additions, Hot and Hot Fish Club and Billy Reid, are officially underway!

Billy Reid will be located directly across from the Dr. Pepper Building (pictured above). Demolition of the space is now complete and the interior build-out will begin next week. Be on the look out for new windows and doors to replace these plywood panels later this month! Billy Reid is projected to open late this summer.

You can read more about Billy Reid here.

Hot and Hot Fish Club will be located in the old Cantina space at Pepper Place (also pictured above). The space is starting to take shape with the kitchen and chef’s counter framing already underway! In addition, new landscaping on the patio has set the stage for an amazing outdoor dining experience along our pedestrian corridor – Perfect for the fall weather ahead! Hot and Hot is projected to open this fall.

You can read more about Hot and Hot Fish Club here.