A few of the HIGHLIGHTS…

Have you seen the big sign with a llama on it while visiting Back 40 or just driving down 1st Ave N and wondered “What on earth is Bid Llama?” We’re here to give you the tea!

Bid Llama is three businesses in one! They’ve got goodies for store owners, resellers, and normal day-to-day consumers! You don’t need any type of permit to come visit!

Weekly Auction

Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday Bid Llama runs an online auction where you can buy everything you’ve ever needed (or don’t need) starting at just $5! You can find electronics like iPhones or VR sets or small appliances like a new air fryer or juicer! Whatever you’re looking for — they’ve got it! To preview the auction, visit their website at bidllama.com.

Discount Bin Store

Every week Bid Llama restocks their shelves and bins with thousands of items. On Saturday, everything starts at $7 and goes down $2 in price every day they open until Friday – when you can fill an entire bag for just $3! Steals like you’d never believe.

Pallet Sales

Bid Llama shares the building with BuyLow Warehouse, which is the wholesale division of the company! If you’re ready to step up your resale game they’ve got pallets from all the major retailers ready for you to buy!

Wondering How it Works? 

Still have questions? Head over to their website to read up on this and more FAQs. Our friends over at Bham Now also did a fabulous write-up on how the auction, bidding, and buying process works at Bid Llama. Get the scoop here.