New Flavors Drop June 6 

Hot Summer Spins is Jeni’s latest ice cream collection: flavors that melt your mind. Inspired by classic summer desserts plucked from memory — then given plot twists.

Spun like a free-flowing remix of a familiar record. And made louder, brighter, and more sensational than ever before. Featuring four brand-new flavors and one returning fan favorite (did someone say Double Dough?). Available for a limited time in scoop shops nationwide, at, and for local delivery via the Jeni’s app!

Burnt Orange Dreamsicle 

Jeni’s new Burnt Orange Dreamsicle ice cream hits all the high notes of the classic orange-vanilla combo while layering in new harmonies. A burnt orange caramel sauce —  made with orange juice, zest, and pulp — pulls double duty. First, folded into cream for a juicy and robust orange ice cream. And second, swirled in on its own for gooey texture and decadence. Paired with salted vanilla custard, it’s an orange-vanilla zigzag, pinballing between familiar sweetness and unexpected depth. Try it for a limited time in shops, via local delivery, and at!

Sparkling Cherry Pie 

Imagine a slice of cherry pie that you can feel. Not just bursting with tart scarlet fruit, but fizzing like a Fourth of July sparkler. That’s what Jeni’s Sparkling Cherry Pie ice cream is like. The secret? Sichuan peppercorns steeped in cream. It cools their famous mouth-numbing effect to a pleasant tingle. And showcases their citrusy floral notes — the perfect complement for sour Michigan cherry ice cream and sweet-tart cherry jam. Crumbly shortbread adds texture and grounding to this pie-in-the-sky flavor. Available for a limited time in scoop shops, via local delivery, and at

Tahini Oat Chocolate Cookies 

No need to turn on the oven this summer! Tahini Oat Chocolate Cookies, a new flavor from Jeni’s, is an ice cream ode to a heatwave hero: the no-bake cookie. A twist of two ice creams: lush, rich milk chocolate on one side, and nutty, delicate tahini (sourced from Seed + Mill, a woman-owned company based in New York City’s Chelsea Market) on the other. Rounded out with a brown sugar, vanilla-scented oat crumble that softens into the cream — just like a chewy no-bake cookie. Enjoy it for a limited time in scoop shops, via local delivery, and at

Snow Cone Sorbet 

Snow Cone Sorbet, a brand-new flavor from Jeni’s, lives up to memories of the classic paper-coned treat. It’s a two-toned swirl packed with layers upon layers of bright, refreshing, real fruit flavors. On one side, blue brambleberry sorbet bursts with velvety sweetness. Next door, watermelon pink lemonade sorbet provides bright, bouncy-tart contrast with its mix of lemon juice, watermelon juice, and mouthwatering citric acid. Tastes like summer — and like being a kid again. Try it for a limited time in scoop shops or via local delivery! Also available at

Double Dough

Last summer’s fan favorite is back for another round! Jeni’s Double Dough is a cookie dough ice cream to squash the competition with a rolling pin — because it tastes exactly like the real thing. The buttery brown sugar custard is rich with notes of caramel and molasses, layered with Fair Trade Madagascar vanilla and a sprinkle of sea salt (just like the best cookies). And, of course, it’s finished with chocolate chip cookie dough pieces for a pleasant sandy texture in every bite. Enjoy it while it lasts in shops, at, and via local delivery!