We are so excited to announce the BODYROK Pilates is opening their first ever location in Alabama right here in Pepper Place! This nationally-recognized studio is pilates redesigned, where their hybrid pilates sequences will have you plank, lunge, squeeze, pike, jump and push your body. The BODYROK experience is designed to create more energy and increase your metabolism, working for you even after you leave.


They do in 45 minutes what most workouts do in 60-giving you measurable results in less time. The BODYROK WRKOUT is an experience designed to improve your energy levels and fuel your metabolism while sculpting and defining your body. Blaze through your workout plateau-every class is new and their machines are innovative. Enter a new world with their 3-stage lighting system guiding you through the beginning, middle and end of each class.


BEGINNERS ARE WELCOME! BODYROK trainers are there to help you, offering modifications for every skill level. Curious about the experience? Check out their FAQ for answers on everything about what to wear and bring, lockers at the studio, how the waitlist works, and more!

BODYROK is currently offering Founding Membership specials before their grand opening at the end of June – make an account here to get yours now! And follow BODYROK on Instagram to meet their team of incredible instructors and be the first to know when the class schedule drops. Schedules drop a week and a half before classes and can fill up quickly. We can’t wait to see you there and we’re so excited to have BODYROK as part of our amazing fitness community here at Pepper Place.