You may have heard that the Arthur Price and Holly Terrell Art Show is on view through May 4th in the Martin Biscuit Building (between Red Cat and Cantina). What you may not know is the behind-the-scenes collaboration that made this incredible event happen. Arthur, Holly, the Sloss Real Estate team, along with Pepper Place tenant Design Supply, all collaborated and contributed to the execution of the event.

Arthur and Holly managed the installation of their work while the Design Supply team handled the marketing and pricing for the show. Design Supply also loaned furniture for the exhibition space. Now that the exhibition is live, Arthur’s team will be managing the viewing hours of the gallery (Thursday 9-1, Friday 9-12 and Saturday 9-1) and the Design Supply team will be available by appointment to assist clients outside of viewing hours. In this case, teamwork really did make the dream work. The sharing of resources and community is an ever-prevalent theme in Pepper Place.

When asked the question, “What makes Pepper Place so special?”, Katherine Justice of Design Supply says, “is that the tenants really recognize the success of each individual business contributes to the success of the community as a whole.”

Pepper Place is truly more than just a “place” – it is a vibrant, diverse and collaborative community.

Background about the artists and the inspiration behind their artwork:

Arthur Price

Arthur is a maker of images who arranges pigment on paper or canvas until an image emerges. As more and more images gather together, a story begins to reveal itself. These stories speak of animals, people, landscapes and weather. These are both stories of the natural world mixed with imagined ones. As these compositions come forth, he mingles them with views of his surroundings. These pieces of artwork are like a song of joy and a belief system to Arthur.

Holly Terrell

Holly has been playing with cyanotypes, one of the earliest forms of photography for about six years now. The process is very involved and the most interesting part of it is that she is never really in complete control of the final outcome. Her artwork also has a strong connection with nature and its beauty.