With the start of a new year inherently comes contemplation: reflecting on the year that has passed and determining what to accomplish in the year ahead. In most cases, this also leads to setting some sort of fitness goal for the year. To set you up for success, we sat down with our Pepper Place fitness gurus – Tiffany Martin, owner of Ignite Cycle, and Alison Page, owner of Aero Joe Pilates– and asked them how to actually stick with your 2020 resolutions.

Here’s what they had to say:

3 Tips for Actually Sticking with Your Resolutions

Want to stick with your New Year’s wellness goals? Skip the resolution and focus on relationships. There are 3 relationships that, if cultivated, will fuel your success.

  1. Meet your instructors. 

Before your first class, introduce yourself to your instructor. Let them know it’s your first time and inform them of any injuries or concerns you have. Check in with them after the class and ask them any questions that came up. When you go back, chat with your instructor again – let them know how you felt after your first class and, again, ask any questions you have. Your instructor is there because they care about you and they have a wealth of knowledge about their craft…plus, there is no question they haven’t answered or concern they haven’t heard.

  1. Talk to other people in the class.

It can feel intimidating walking into a new workout, can’t it? Guess what – everyone else in that room walked in there for the first time at one point too! Because you already know you have something in common with the people in that space, use it! The more you attend class, the more you get to know people, the more likely you are to actually be excited about getting your buns to the studio. It’s a win all around.

  1. Be patient with your results.

The most important relationship you can nurture as you work toward new goals is the one you have with yourself. Whether your goal is to be more mindful or lose weight or get stronger, be patient with and kind to yourself. You are not going to get the results you set out to achieve overnight (or probably even by the end of January when most resolutions typically fizzle out). You’ve started a new journey, and now you get to enjoy the company you keep for the ride. So, buckle up, be open to the twists and turns ahead – you’re probably going to discover some unexpected things on this new adventure.

In addition, don’t expect to be great the first time out, but plan to enjoy getting better with practice. Just like playing the piano for the first time or starting any new skill, mastery takes time. Allow yourself to be a beginner, and practice consistently to see results.

*Bonus Tip*

Include both heart-pumping cardio fitness and mindful movement practices as you build your workout routine. Working out is about more than just aesthetics – it’s about creating a strong, balanced body! Through complementary workouts, you can enjoy new levels of strength and stamina safely, while also aligning your body and mind with your new goals. By cross training in Pilates or Yoga, you’re able to avoid injuries, maintain joint health and address faulty motor patterns. By mixing up your workouts with all the offerings in Pepper Place, you are sure to find sustainable results, community and a mood boost with every session!

In all of this, enjoy the camaraderie of your new community! Relish in every little victory, whether it’s mastering a new flow or moving up a class level. Be sure to celebrate with a classmate when they achieve their goals! With some of the most experienced and knowledgeable instructors in Birmingham, we will be there to ensure your success in 2020, and cheer you on with every session!


To help you kick start your 2020 goals, Ignite & Aero Joe are offering you a package for 2 classes at both studios, available for purchase all January for $69. The package can be purchased at Ignite or on our website.