There’s No Place Like Home in 2021 

We spent a lot of time at home in 2020 certainly a lot more time than we anticipated. But, it created the opportunity to inspire us to make our homes a beautiful refuge. Between winter and the pandemic, the early months of 2021 are calling for more time spent inside. Here are a few easy and approachable ways to refresh your home from our Pepper Place design experts.  

LillieKat Rugs 

If a large handmade rug is out of your budget-layer! We love a sisal or seagrass foundation with a smaller vintage rug on top! It is an easy way to add a unique piece of floor art without breaking your budget!  

Here’s our inspiration when it comes to budget-layering: 

Now make it happen with Antique Malayer, size 5’1”x10’0” 

Design Supply 

We love to swap out small accessories like pillows, candles, and decorative items with each changing season. Implementing these small changes can make all the difference in setting a fresh tone in your space. Our decorative items can be found in our shop or on our website. 

Another way you can transform a space is with an original painting! If you’ve ever found a piece of art you love, you know the light and life that it can bring to a space. A painting is often the jumping off point for designing an entire room, but we also believe that if you fall in love with a piece, you will find a space for it. We always say that art doesn’t have to be too matchy-matchy with your decor, so don’t overthink it! We love this painting by one of our newest artists, Wendy Westlake. You can view her collection here 

Yellowhammer Print Shop 

One easy way to refresh your home: Switch up your art! Yellowhammer’s print selection and Chirpwood 2 stick frames makes it super easy to do a quick switch of some art here and there to add something fresh to your space.  

Some prints we’re loving: 

-Downtown Birmingham Neighborhood Series Print 18×24 for $40 + Chirpwood Two-Stick Frames 19″ for $34 

Sloss Furnaces 12×18 Print for $15 

It’s Nice to Have You in Birmingham Print in Black $15 


Richard Tubb Interiors 

We think that storage is a must for any home.  A bold box can help with storage while making a statement in its own right.  Here’s a pic of one we’ve got in the shop right now: 

FarmStand by Stone Hollow 

We all naturally look forward to a new year — it is a chance for a clear reset within the chaos of life. Looking back over the year I found myself, probably like many of you, trying to pivot life and in my case, my business while also taking care of our family. Aromatherapy is my go-to when there is a need for grounding my thoughts, centering my being, awakening my creativity, or relaxing when life is overwhelming. Aromatherapy is an incredible tool for all of us! You can find a variety of aromatherapy products at FarmStand Birmingham — from Rollerball Perfumes, Bath-bombs, Bath and Shower Oils, and Soy Wax Candles.  

Want to learn more about aromatherapy? Farmstand will be offering an online introduction to aromatherapy and it’s benefits to support wellness in February.  

Ready to relax after the holidays, transform your bath into a relaxing spa-cation? Try our relaxation gift box!  


  • Lavender Bath Bomb 
  • Lavender Candle 
  • Bundle of Dried Eucalyptus to support wellness while in the shower

Shop box here