When you flip through your family photo album, you might notice that there are strikingly few photos of your mother to be found. That’s because Mom is always taking the picture. Rarely is she the subject. That’s why we’re putting together a Mother’s Day photo booth so women can bring their children—or so children can bring their moms—for a fantastic family picture.

We’ll be working with The Flash Bar to put Mom on the other side of the camera and provide a complimentary 5×7 photo as well as digital copies.

The brilliant eyes at Design Supply will be staging so you can wait for your picture in high style.

Products to freshen up your hair will be on hand from our friends at The Collective.

The fun gets started on Thursday, May 8 and continues until Saturday, May 11 with hours as follows:

    • Thursday, May 9: 3:30 – 7:30p (online scheduling)
    • Friday, May 10: 3:30 – 7:30p (online scheduling)
    • Saturday, May 11: 8a – 12noon (first come, first serve)