After a stint at The Docks in Lakeview, Ignite Cycle is re-opening the Bike Room in their Pepper Place studio TODAY, April 1st! The Ignite Cycle team has carefully and intentionally thought through their logistics and operations to ensure that their community and staff are able to ride in the Bike Room safely. Here is how it will work:

Q: I thought you were reopening at Pepper Place May 4th. What happened?

A: After the last 12 months, it’s hard to be surprised by anything, so when our landlord called to let us know they have some exciting plans for The Dock and are ready to use it ASAP, we thought, “hm…this feels familiar.”?

I want to take a sec to share how incredible our landlords, Sloss Real Estate, are. When we were closed over the summer, they reached out because they wanted us to be open, and they were willing to help us however they could – that’s how The Dock was born. They had the space available, and it happened to be perfect for us! We are so grateful for their commitment to helping us thrive in the midst of a pandemic, and we’re thrilled for their upcoming plans!

Q: Ok – what’s the timeline?

A: Rides will resume Thursday, April 1st at our Pepper Place location. With this reopening comes more class times as we transition back to our pre-COVID schedule. This includes additional morning, evening and weekend Rides!

Q: What COVID protocols will you have in place?

A: We’re going to start at 50% capacity in The Bike Room – this allows us to have 6′ between each bike. Additionally, masks must be worn until you’re clipped into your bike. All bikes, shoes and surfaces will be sanitized with medical-grade disinfectant in between each ride.

Q: Hm…I’m not sure I feel comfortable going back to the studio.

A: Totally understandable! If that’s the case, shoot us an email at

“That said, I hope at this point you know we have got your backs and are committed to giving you the safest experience we can. When it comes to COVID, we do not take any decision we make lightly. When we chose to close The Bike Room in July, we threw a bunch of numbers at you to back up our decision as well as information about what we wanted to see happen before we reopened.” -Ignite Cycle

According to the Georgia Tech Risk Assessment tool, when we closed in July, there was a 44-76% chance that in a group the size of a typical Ride, at least one would have COVID. Now, that risk is just 11-15%. We’d also referenced that UAB was truly overflowing with COVID patients – in Jefferson County right now, 3% of beds are COVID patients, and 7% of ICU beds are COVID patients. While we’d love to see all those numbers at zero, the huge drop in risk helps us feel confident about our move.

And, of course, the vaccine is getting into people’s arms…and we feel really good about that!

Q: Anything else we should know?

In the spirit or reopening we’re doing something special: tag us in a picture on social media with your completed vac card (sensitive info covered, of course!) and we’ll give you a free Ride!

Whew – that was a lot of info. If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to Ignite Cycle at