Join us April 18 – May 4 in the Martin Biscuit Building as we celebrate the work of these two exceptional Birmingham artists.

Price describes his work as “honoring of imagination through the personification of nature. My pieces have serious and fantastical images of people, animals and spirits that are submerged into nature. They are things that people will immediately recognize. They are interesting yet unusual combinations, from floating spirits to ancient ceremonies to sea turtles gathered on a beach. They tend to combine in dreamlike ways.” See more of his work here.

The official opening reception is on Friday, April 18th from 5:00 – 8:00 at The Martin Biscuit Building (between Red Cat and Cantina), 2901 2nd Ave South, Suite 100.

Viewing Hours through May 4th:
Thursday 9-1
Friday 9-12
Saturday 9-1

For More Information, Please Contact
Ami Evans at 205-995-2445