Andrew Zimmern, celebrity chef and host of the Travel Channel’s “The Zimmern List” returned to the Magic City last week—and Pepper Place kept him coming back for more.

According to, Zimmern visited several Birmingham restaurants in 2013 for a memorable episode of his show “Bizarre Foods America,” and three years later, he featured more Magic City eateries in his “Bizarre Foods: Delicious Destinations.”

This time, Zimmern returned  to a couple of the restaurants he first visited in 2013, including Eagle’s Restaurant and Miss Myra’s Pit Bar-B-Q, as well as Highlands Bar and Grill and Saw’s Juke Joint.

We don’t mind bragging to say that Zimmern made not one but two stops at Pepper Place, eating at Chef Chris Hastings’ renowned OvenBird and touring the Saturday Market at Pepper Place with recent James Beard Award winner Chef Frank Stitt.

What did Chef Zimmern have to say about his visit? Here’s a little tweet that says a lot:

I’m on the road, 230 days a year at minimum, 40/50 cities in USA . I never get as nice a welcome as I do in Birmingham. People stop their cars, pause on the street or use social and actually say “nice to have you back”. It’s amazing. Love the B’ham people! Thank you for the love.

Stay tuned to the Travel Channel for the Birmingham episode of The Zimmern List, and you might just see somebody you know!