Finding the perfect gift for the one you love can be really difficult. You want to sum up everything you feel about that person into one (or five!) token of your affection, and it needs to be good. Lucky for you, Pepper Place is home to some of Birmingham’s most thoughtful shopkeepers and its most creative and capable craftspeople. Take a look at some of our ideas for how to treat your Valentine.

Thrive Clay Studio

In addition to beautifully handcrafted pottery and decorative pieces, Lana Hobbs at Thrive Clay studio also offers classes for experienced potters and newbies alike. Check out her list of available courses here, or stop by her space to see her work first hand.


Charlie Thigpen’s Garden Gallery

You can hardly go wrong with flowers. What makes flowers even better, though, is if you have Charlie and Cindy Thigpen select and arrange them for you. Gone are the days of last-minute grocery store roses wrapped in cellophane. Let the Thigpens put together the arrangement your better half deserves.


The Collective

A little self-care is almost always in order, and there’s no better place to treat yourself than at The Collective. Let their team of beauty professionals put together a package of the very best in hair and skin care products, or arrange a hair styling spa day for the one you love.


Design Supply

There’s probably a spot on your wall that’s missing something. You’ve tried to put a family picture there, but it doesn’t quite work. You thought about a sconce, but who has the time? Why not let Laura Vogtle and her team of well-trained eyes at Design Supply give it a look? Among their elegant selection of art, cut flowers will be on hand from Stone Hollow Farmstead.