People of Pepper Place

Each month we will be featuring one to two Pepper Place tenants! We will be sharing their stories to give you a look behind the curtain at their businesses, their upcoming projects, their goals, and more! For this month we interviewed Ella Swelfer, who is the Market Director at Billy Reid here at Pepper Place. Check out our interview below:

Pepper Place: How long have you been with Billy Reid (corporate and brick and mortar)?

Ella: I worked in the Nashville Billy Reid store from 2018-2019 and am now celebrating a year as the Store Director of our Pepper Place shop.

Pepper Place: What brought you to work for Billy Reid?

Ella: Being from Alabama I always admired Billy’s ability to tie in his southern roots with his love of fashion, so when the opportunity presented itself in Nashville I couldn’t say no! 

Pepper Place: What’s your favorite part of working for Billy Reid?

Ella: The company has such good energy in and around it. My coworkers are more like family, and customers are more like friends. There is a big love of food, fashion, art, and music within the BR culture that is truly infectious.

Pepper Place: What is your favorite part of working and living in Birmingham?

Ella: Birmingham is a dynamic place that is growing a ton, and there is a great sense of community. There’s always something fun going on around town and I’m located close to my family, so it’s all-around the perfect “home” to me.

Pepper Place: Do you have a favorite piece in the Spring line?

Ella: This is tough! From the women’s collection I’m loving the Wrap Jacket and the Sweater Polo Dress, and from the men’s collection I’d have to say the Linen Tupelo Trucker Jacket.