Bham Now recently sat down with Cheryl Morgan, Urban Land Institute Alabama member and former longtime director of the Auburn Urban Design Studio, to discuss the changes she’s seen in Birmingham’s architecture and urban development over the last 25 years.

In her list of 5 vibrant and vital places, Morgan mentions Pepper Place:

“The development of the Pepper Place and then the Farmers Market, made this part of our city more vibrant and interesting. The adaptive re-use of these old industrial buildings created an important destination for our city attracting over 10,000 people during the height of summer.”

Bham Now mentions that “before the creation of Pepper Place, in the late 80s, that particular area of the city was filled with light industry, manufacturing, and automotive services. The conversion of the old bottling company and the Martin Biscuit buildings, by Sloss Real Estate, gave focus to an emerging design district that could attract restaurants and niche retail.”

Pepper Place received the Urban Land Institutes Award for Excellence in 2013.