Copperwing is an award-winning creative consultancy offering design, interactive services, integrated branding and advertising. We work across all media inspiring audiences to join the brand conversation, building trust and loyalty from a foundation of smart design and strategic thinking. We hold close relationships with long-term clients who seek a collaborative partnership.

We enjoy what we do — and it shows. Our clients like working with us (we like to think just because we’re fun to be around but we suspect it is largely due to the results our strategic design brings them). Likewise, we like the clients with whom we work. Otherwise, what’s the point? Sure, we need to keep the lights on and everything but we do what we do for the joy of it.

We believe that you first need to have a passion for what you are doing to do it really well. Keeping the lights on is just a bonus.

2821 2nd Avenue South, Suite 110-F
Birmingham, AL 35233